What are Cookies, and Why Should I Clear Them?

All About Cookies

A cookie can be described as a small file of text that is stored on your computer which has information to help a website identify and even track a visitor. Cookies are not harmful to a computer, they don't take up any space, or house viruses. There are two kinds of cookies: "Session Cookies" as well as cookies that get saved on your computer, permanently.

When you first visit a website, the web server you are on gives your browser an identifier that is unique, so that you can be distinguished from another visitor. This identifier is known as a "Session Cookie". It is temporary and goes away when you close the website window.

The permanent type of cookie is one that saves a file and stays even after you close a browser window. It is used to track how you navigate within a website so as to provide the best support for you. The only way to remove that file is to manually delete it. This cookie has no correlation to your personal information, it is just there to help us see your shopping cart, and track data related to what is being clicked on throughout the website. 

 If you have any trouble navigating a website, a lot of times, those saved cookies are the culprit. Clearing your cookies may help with issues related to website browsing.



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