How Much Is Shipping?


Possible Winter and Holiday Shipping Delays
Please understand that you may experience shipping delays during the winter months due to weather conditions and/or an increase in order volume, due to the holiday season.
Please contact us via email at  or call (888)774-6259 Ext. 4110 and a customer service rep will be happy to help check on the status of your order. 

Shipping Rate Changes

Our couriers may be charging additional surcharges for shipments during the peak holiday shipping season (effective Nov.- Jan.) 


Domestic Shipping Rates

It is our goal to deliver your order to you in the quickest and most cost-effective manner possible. Shipping is automatically calculated before submitting your payment information. Simply add items to your cart and proceed to the Checkout page where you will be offered Shipping options and pricing. We have special offers to help with shipping costs, provided you are within the continental U.S.

On our websites, and we offer free shipping on:

  • One-time domestic orders over $50 

  • Subscription orders over $25

  • Bundled packages (Build Your Own Dressing and Build Your Own Mayo)

Don't want to spend on shipping? Our new Store Locator is Live on Primal Kitchen & Primal Blueprint. Our store locator now pulls in retail locations + product information of where to find a specific product in stores to give customers the best experience of where to buy. Please notify us if any of the stores listed, do not have our product so we may update our site.

Store Locator:


International Shipping Rates

You may have noticed an increase in our International Shipping rates, please see our reasons for inflated ship rates:

  1. Old rates were for economy shipping
  • Took up to 3 weeks for delivery
  • No tracking visibility once it departed the U.S.
  • New rates are considered “express” rates
    • Rest assured, Primal went through extensive negotiating with FedEx for best rates
    • Shorter Delivery time
    • Full tracking visibility
  • New rates include Taxes and Duties prepaid
    • Customer no longer has to pay duty in prior to delivery
    • This streamlines the customs process
  • Overall stance
    • Primal believes it’s best practice for express shipping provides a far better customer experience with delivery time and easy receiving
    • Faster transit time is best for food products

    We do have a couple of International online resellers that you can check out. They may not offer all of our products, but you can visit their websites via the links below:

    Primal Kitchen product:  

    Primal Blueprint Products:

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