Founder's Notes on Primal Master Formula

Primal Master Formula is one-stop shopping for the best of the best. It is a 12-capsule-a-day formula but there is no reason you can't take one packet a day and make it last two months, or three capsules a day and make it last four months. You know all that stuff works, and it's personal, but it was designed for 12 capsules a day to deliver full-spectrum antioxidant coverage.

Primal Master Formula should be taken with food. You should take vitamins at the end of a meal when the digestion process is most primed to digest the capsule and the nutrients. 

Why isn’t there iron? In the beginning, so many of the customers were women of all ages. But then the consumer demographic became more and more skewed towards men and the elderly. The iron was taken out because men and postmenopausal women don't need iron. Iron is the most prevalent nutrient and is very abundant in some people. Most people did not want iron because when it is excessive in the body, it is a highly inflammatory pro-oxidant and can be a catalyst for inflammation. For this reason, if one is anemic or lacking in iron, a targeted iron supplement may be a better approach.

Potassium: why none in Primal Master Formula?

There is an imposed limitation of 99 mg of potassium–less than 3% of the RDA, so why waste space in the capsules? We focus on the best of what you can’t get elsewhere. So while 99 mg is the max allowed, you’re really not gaining anything by adding it in. You get most of the potassium you need from your healthy diet.

Vitamin A

We only have 50% of the daily value of Vitamin A in there...and that's if you take 12 capsules a day. The rest is beta carotene, which is listed under vitamin A heading by law, but actually isn't A. It's only converted to vitamin A if your body needs it. So it's actually a minimal amount of A. If you are deficient in A, we have you covered, but if you are warned not to overdo A, we also have you covered!

Magnesium Stearate

Some may have read that we are to avoid supplements that contain magnesium stearate/stearic acid because it can cause rapid collapse of T-cell membrane and cell death, suppressing the immune system. It's quite possible they are referring to the study from 1990; Tebbey PW, Buttke TM. Department of Microbiology and Immunology, East Carolina University School of Medicine, Greenville. 

The problem with this study has to do with the way the study was designed. If you directly put a particular nutrient, vitamin, fatty acid, amino acid, medication, herb, or any substance in a high enough dosage directly in a cell culture, you will get results that have nothing to do with what happens when a tiny amount is ingested as part of a medicine, supplement, or through diet, and is diluted and distributed to trillions of cells.

In fact stearic acid is the most common of the long-chain fatty acids. It is found in many foods, including vegetable and animal oils, beef fat, and cocoa butter. A person who eats a chocolate bar will ingest hundreds of times more stearic acid than someone taking a dietary supplement with magnesium stearate.

There aren't any studies that I know of that suggest this would be harmful in a small amount, such as the amount contained in your supplements.

The formula contains 400mg of Net Elemental Magnesium.

Phosphatidyl serine: SerinAid® PhosphatidylSerine is a soybean-derived phospholipid compound. The original raw material is soy, but the finished product has no remaining traces of soy protein. I wouldn’t worry about the oil used. You’re taking such minuscule amounts that a bit of soybean oil as the vehicle won’t have a measurable effect.

Primal Master Formula has ubiquinone, which converts to ubiquinol. Ubiquinone is generally used because it is more stable (over time)for packaging.  

B vitamins are very hard to digest, absorb, and assimilate, which is why Primal Master Formula has such a high amount. Over a five-year period, a group of outwardly healthy seniors underwent a study to examine the role of B-12 vitamins in old-age brain shrinkage. Based on the patients’ B-12 levels, they were split into three groups, and those with the greatest deficiency were six times as likely to experience shrinkage. But the problem isn’t just limited to the elderly. “Some studies suggest that two out of five people” don’t get enough B-12 in their diet. The researchers say a “diet rich in meat, fish, fortified cereals, and milk” can help, but—Grok would love this—shellfish and liver are the best sources for B-12 around.

The digestive enzyme blend that is in Primal Master Formula is there to help you assimilate the formula and is not enough to have an anti-inflammatory effect or to help digest a meal. If you want either of those benefits, you will want to take more enzymes (including bromelain). The digestive enzyme blend is a proprietary blend of enzymes, such as amylase, protease, and lipase, that aid in the breakdown and digestion of foods.

Do you test for potency? Every raw material that comes into the manufacturer has to come with a certificate of assay, which is an important legal document that states what is in the product, what it is, how potent it is, and to what level of potency. Those raw materials are then quarantined and re-assayed by our co-packer, so it is assayed twice before it is put into the formula. Because of this, we don't need to do a potency test after the formula is made. Most of the ingredients that are put in were certified before they went in. This is a highly regulated industry, and most of the reputable manufacturers have to go through several processes, such as ISO and GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices). This requires logging every raw material that comes in, testing it, making sure there is a certificate of assay for it, then quarantining it, and having double measurements when they go to manufacture it. Once a batch is made, they hold back samples called “retains” which can be reviewed or tested years later. So there are lots of checks and balances when you are making supplements. Another example: You want to hit 100% label potency in your product, so you go over by 10% on the ingredients in every batch so that it will also allow for any possible deviation in the blending of all these things together.

How is Primal Master Formula different from Damage Control? The Damage Control formula has a lot more CoQ10, more phosphoseryl, and more of those really key expensive nutrients. Some people want a really broad antioxidant formula with a lot of kitchen sink ingredients in it. There are nutrients in Damage Control that are not in the Master Formula, but they are the nutrients people want to see. With this formula, you can take as few or as many as you want based on how you feel. So Damage Control is intended as a low-cost alternative to the Master Formula. It is less potent and could be recommended for people with sensitive stomachs.


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