Q: Are the Organic eggs cage free? And fed a vegetarian diet?

A: Yes, they are sourced from cage-free farms. They are fed a non-GMO vegetarian diet.

Q: Are the Eggs Pasteurized?

A: Yes the eggs are pasteurized and they are cage-free as well! 

Q: How do you ensure that your avocado oil is pure?

A: We have supplier standards that must be met, including ingredient authenticity, testing, and third-party supplier audits. Suppliers must meet FDA standards for pure, safe food that is not adulterated. We are also mindful of the country of origin when sourcing ingredients as well.

Q: Manufacturing Allergen Info?  

A: Our Primal Kitchen dressings are manufactured in a shared facility and on a shared line with other products that contain several of the 8 major allergens. They have an allergen control program with specific cleaning and testing protocols to avoid allergen residues.

Q: What is the shelf life of your Thousand Island Dressing?

A: Our dressings have a best by date printed on the bottle. Please refrigerate after opening and use within 60 days for best quality.

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