Sugar Free†

†Not a low calorie food. See nutrition information for fat and saturated fat content.

Q: I see your vegan mayo is Kosher. Who is it certified by?

A: Yes, our vegan mayo is Orthodox Union Certified. These products are manufactured under the supervision of the Kashruth Division of the Orthodox Union and are kosher when bearing the symbol OU located on the label. 

Q: I have an allergy, is the vegan mayo manufactured in a facility that contains dairy, eggs, or nuts?

A: Our Primal Kitchen Vegan Mayo is manufactured in a shared facility and on a shared line with other products that contain most of the 8 major allergens. They have an allergen control program with specific cleaning and testing protocols to avoid allergen residues.

Q: What is the Cold Weather notice?

A: Because our vegan mayo is a real food product and we don't have any artificial thickeners or preservatives, the emulsification may break as a result of temperature fluctuations. This means that during the winter if you live in a state that gets very cold or freezing, the vegan mayo can freeze in transit to you. We don't want our vegan mayo to arrive separated because we want you to enjoy it in its intended state, so we recommend holding off shipping this product until the Spring time and purchasing at your local retailer instead.

Q: Does it have to be refrigerated?

A: Yes, the vegan mayo must be stored refrigerated at all times. Do not freeze, emulsion can break and can separate once thawed. Refrigeration maintains the stability of the emulsion over the shelf life.

Q: How long does it keep in the fridge once opened?

A: Until the Best By Date stamped on the lid

Q: Why potato protein in the vegan mayo?

A: This is a special type of functional potato protein that acts as an emulsifier. It is not contributing starch to the nutrition profile. This product remains at 0 grams total carbohydrates per serving. It is simply used to thicken and emulsify the product along with the tamarind gum.

Q: What is tamarind gum?

A: Tamarind gum is obtained from endosperm of the seeds of the tamarind tree. It is for thickening and emulsifying.

Note: The tamarind tree is technically a part of the legume family.  The Paleo Foundation does not  allow legumes, but does allow products with Tamarind Seed Gum to be Certified Paleo.  Whole30 allows it as well, and Mark considers it Primal. Read more HERE or HERE.

Paleo Certification: So what does ‘Certified Paleo’ mean, exactly? For a product to proudly wear the Paleo certification label, it means it has no grains, no dairy and no legumes and made without artificial coloring, sweeteners, flavors, or preservatives. Long story short, our ingredient list is so clean you could, well... eat it!

Keto Certification: Keepin’ it Keto Certified means keepin’ the carb count super specific based on standard, USDA-set serving guidelines. For meals, that means less than 10g of net carbohydrates per serving (12g for minimally processed foods or foods with reduced digestibility), 6g for snacks, and 2g per .5oz for condiments.

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