NEW! Primal Fuel is now made without Soy! 

Q: What is whey protein isolate?

A: Whey protein isolate, the primary source of protein in Primal Fuel has one of the highest bioavailability ratings of any form of protein. This means that it’s one of the easiest types of protein for your body to absorb and use. It is derived from milk but retains very little lactose or casein.

Q: What is the amino acid breakdown? 

A: Typical Amino Acid profile per serving:

Alanine: 458 mg

Arginine: 207 mg

Aspartic Acid: 939 mg

Cysteine: 240mg

Glutamic Acid: 1,474 mg

Glycine: 164 mg

Histidine: 174 mg

Isoleucine: 600 mg

Leucine: 1,070 mg

Lysine: 928 mg

Methionine: 240 mg

Phenylalanine: 295 mg

Proline: 731 mg

Serine: 491 mg

Threonine: 611 mg

Tryptophan: 174 mg

Tyrosine: 295 mg

Valine: 568 mg

Q: Where does the fat come from?

A: The fat in Primal fuel comes from coconut milk powder

Q:  Is there lactose in this product?

A: We use whey protein isolate which contains trace amounts of lactose, so the extremely intolerant may have problems digesting it properly.

Q: What are the "natural flavors" made of?

A: Our natural flavors are true to their name. They’re a proprietary blend of ingredients to make the best overall flavor experience possible—nothing artificial!

Q: I have an allergy, are the fuels manufactured in a facility that contains dairy, eggs, or nuts?

A: Primal Fuel contains Milk and Tree Nuts (Coconut) and shares a line with other allergens, including egg. The facility has an allergen control program in place and specific cleaning and testing protocols to avoid allergen residues.

Q: Is Primal Fuel screened for heavy metals?

A: The testing of our fuel product ensures it is within the specification of all major heavy metals including arsenic, lead, mercury, and cadmium. Our products adhere to the strict standards of California’s Proposition 65, which are more stringent than federal standards.

Q: When should I consume Primal Fuel?

Primal fuel can be consumed anytime. It can be added to breakfast smoothies or shakes or enjoyed as a beverage with a meal or snack. It is not intended as a meal replacement.

Q: What is the shelf life?

A: Each canister has an expiration date printed on the bottom package. Please store in a cool, dry place, tightly sealed.

Q: What are Steviol Glycosides and why did we add them into the formula?

Steviol glycosides are simply stevia leaf extract. This is a new naming convention required by FDA, but represents the same natural non-caloric sweetener we’ve used historically in our Primal Fuel. They provide a pleasant sweetness, combined with monk fruit extract, without adding sugar.

Q: What is monk fruit extract?

This is a non-caloric natural sweetener derived from the monk fruit (also known as luo han guo). It is native to Asia, and provides a pleasant sweetness, combined with steviol glycosides, without adding sugar.

Q: The Chocolate Primal Fuel contains cocoa powder -- does that mean there is caffeine?

A: A tablespoon of cocoa powder has about 12 milligrams of caffeine - not much, but it can affect an individual who is sensitive to caffeine. A serving of Primal Fuel has even less than a tablespoon of cocoa powder, however, if small amounts of caffeine keep you awake, you may want to have your shakes earlier in the day or choose the Vanilla Fuel instead.


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